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Donating Instead of „Romschtanderla“

By Renate Blotenberg:

For several years now, I have supported the work of “Active Direct Help”. When I celebrated my 70th birthday on November 14, 2010, I invited 31 guests for brunch. I requested something special: rather than bringing me presents, „Romschtanderla“, as they say here in Swabia for things which are just standing around, I encouraged my guests to donate to “Active Direct Help” and the Congolese project of Wolfgang and Lenka Schmidt. I have all that I need to live a happy life and didn’t need more and so I set up a donation basket in my living room. My guests were impressed by this idea to forego the birthday presents and support a charitable association instead. I displayed ADH’s present newsletter to show my friends that donating to this project not only makes sense, but also is necessary. The day was a success and I had a wonderful time in the midst of my guests! The impressive sum of € 370 came together and three days later, I transferred it onto the bank account of ADH. And we preserved the tradition of birthday presents, even without the „Romschtanderla“.My regards to Lenka and Wolfgang, I wish them continued perseverance for this work in Congo. I will celebrate my next birthday like this again!

 Fundamental values such as integrity, responsibility, honesty and a good work ethic are at the top of the list of conditions for all who want to work with us.

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