Since the year 2000 our annual reports provide an overview over the progress of our projects. Apart from summaries concerning the current project this section also covers completed projects. Thereby we trace the history of “Active Direct Help”. Additionally we regularly publish the recent developments to our current project in detail.

Annual Reports
Dec 2020

Annual Report 2020

ADH projects are in the shadow of the COVID 19 virus this year

Like in most parts of the world, Congo too was overshadowed this year by the COVID 19 virus. All the schools and universities were closed since March. Thankfully, the schools in Congo opened again in October. We are very grateful for this as in some other countries schools were shut down again after some time due to a new surge of the virus.

In the developed countries, when the schools close, lessons continue online. This is not possible with Congolese schools in the countryside, as children have no access to electricity, the necessary equipment or the internet.

Another obstacle with schools in Congo is the problem that in newly set up schools the teachers do not receive a salary from the government, especially with secondary schools in the countryside, like ours in Mabala. Instead, the students have to pay tuition. Since we want to offer free school lessons to children from poor families, we try to avoid that their parents have to pay school fees, which means, we have to find other ways to pay the teachers.

ADH is paying half the salaries for the 15 teachers and school director, while our partner organization BBK is supposed to pay the other half. Unfortunately, this has been a struggle and we are trying to find a solution. One way we hope to supplement the teachers’ salaries is by encouraging them to do agriculture on our 40-hectare property around the school buildings.

A local organization, PIREDD, supported by the World Bank, has seen the potential of our land and donated 1,100 seedlings for a palm oil plantation. And when they saw how capable our agronom and school director Philemon handled this project, they offered another 1,000 acacia tree seedlings to be planted around the borders of our property.

We are supporting the efforts of the teachers to plant manioc and because the students receive free schooling, they are helping with this agricultural project. The land belongs to our school, and so we encourage the teachers and students to grow more and more food to support the school. This also gives the students hands-on-training while the raising of chickens and rabbits continues to help them to learn how to care for such animals.

We were able to support our Tshikapa School a little bit to get started in the new school year; director Pierre is very thankful for any help we can give him. The Mushapo School is running independent from us.

After a long time, we were finally able to bring seven boxes of brand new, high quality school uniforms – donated by the English International School of Kinshasa – to Madlen at the Kimbondo Orphanage. She will use this material for the young children for which she is setting up new school buildings next to the orphanage with the help of her friends.

This year’s annual ADH meeting was held for the first time via video. Besides the usual formalities and planning discussed in the meeting, there were two personnel changes within the association: We warmly welcome our long-time supporter Andreas Bödeker as a new team member and Jens Ottinger was elected as the new president of ADH.

Lenka has a small group of young people she meets every two weeks to help them in their personal spiritual lives. Because of the second wave of the virus which was especially strong in the Czech Republic, they had to meet mostly online.

Besides email work, fundraising and communication with our team in Congo, Wolfgang continued with the finalization of his book to get it ready for publication. He is also working with his son-in-law, Vincent, setting up a website for the book where the reference materials will be more easily accessible to read the inspiring articles, listen to the speeches and watch the videos. Also, the numerous photos can be seen there in higher quality and bigger size than on the printed page.

Thank you very much for all your faithful support for these different projects we could not do otherwise.

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Boxes of school uniformsStudents appreciate free school lessonsEverybody is thankful that the school opened again in OctoberNew rabbits for veterinary trainingMadlen cheerfully & sacrificially cares for about 100 young orphans all day longMadlen cheerfully & sacrificially cares for about 100 young orphans all day longStudents watering our acacia nursery - 1,000 seedlingsNew rabbits for veterinary trainingStudents ready to plant acacia trees around our property1,100 palm nut seedlings next to our schoolWorld Bank representatives came from Kinshasa to see the palm nut nursery and our chicken and rabbit projectADH yearly meeting, first time online: Wolfgang & Lenka, Rudolf, Andreas, Melanie & Jens and JosDirector Philemon with fresh supplies for the new school year

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