Since the year 2000 our annual reports provide an overview over the progress of our projects. Apart from summaries concerning the current project this section also covers completed projects. Thereby we trace the history of “Active Direct Help”. Additionally we regularly publish the recent developments to our current project in detail.

Annual Reports
Jul 2021

Interim Report 2021: Well Project and Plantation

Since Mabala is located in an area where the Corona virus was not so widespread, the Congolese government gave permission for all schools in this region to reopen after a short time of closure in January. We are very grateful for this because in Congo’s countryside there is no online communication for schools like in industrialized countries or in some private schools in Kinshasa.

Our school director Philemon continued to oversee the work on the acacia and palm nut tree nurseries. The students have now been able to plant the first batches of trees on our field around the school. Two hectares of cassava, the main staple food in the Congo, have also been planted.

After many similar previous ventures in Mushapo, all of which we unfortunately had to stop due to theft, this is a long-awaited dream that is gradually coming true for us. It will still take years before the palm trees yield fruit, but the beginning has been made. PIREDD, the organization that initiated this project and donated 1,000 seeds for each tree type, is supporting the school in the implementation of the project with a small contribution, in addition to our funding for the teachers.

A great victory is the building of a well for drinking water for the school children as well as for watering the school’s agricultural projects. Mr. Shako, a well specialist, came with his team all the way from Mbandaka, 670 km north of Nioki, for this task. They found water at a depth of 7 meters, but they continued to dig to 10 meters so that the school would have water in all seasons.

Josef Schuster, our longtime friend from Bavaria, and Helga were the first donors towards this well. Leo and his father Albert joined in with another donation. ADH financed most of the needed funds so we could start this project. Both the school and the population of Mabala are very grateful for the drinking water supply.

We started a micro finance project with Joseph Nlandu, one of our first friends in Congo, to support his rice, corn and fishing project in Nsioni. Joseph is a very active and creative man, who is committed to rural development in his native region of Congo Centrale.

With our support, he planted a new rice field and a new corn field, built a new fish pond and purchased materials with which he constructed two machines that will facilitate the peeling of corn and rice.

Madlen is making great progress in her school building project adjacent to the Kimbondo Children’s Home on the outskirts of Kinshasa. With the help of her friends, she has now completed the big school building and dorms for the young orphans in her care. She asked us to contact our friends in Kinshasa, to help her with the school desks and benches she still needs.

The book is slowly approaching its finish line. The reason why it is delayed is that we are not only writing the book, but also producing it ourselves. That is, we prepare everything for the layout with 85 photos and create a website that is closely linked to the book so that people can easily read, listen to or watch the references online. We are also working on the translation of the text, because we want to publish the book in English, German, Czech and French.

We wish you all good health and more freedom to move about in the summer.

Image Gallery
Madlen’s new school & dorms, next to Kimbondo Children’s Home, outside of Kinshasa.Finally, the water is coming.Joseph (in blue) & his team in action.Right: Fishponds. Left: Rice- & cornfieldPeeling machines.Madlen’s new school & dorms, next to Kimbondo Children’s Home, outside of Kinshasa.Preparing round cement walls.Water filterPlacing cement walls into the well.Mr. Shako testing the well.cassava growing behind the schoolDigging well hole.Pupils bring palm nut trees from our school to the plantation on our property.Work on the well in progress.Pupils bring palm nut trees from our school to the plantation on our property.Girls carrying cassava seeds.Working on the field.

Our Annual reports

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