Progress of our Mushapo and Tshikapa schools - a positive interim assessment Featured
22 Oct 2022

Progress of our Mushapo and Tshikapa schools - a positive interim assessment

Gilbert, our ADH-Congo member in Kinshasa, communicates regularly with us about the school in Mabala. Recently, we asked him to contact our first two schools in the Kasai province to see how they are doing. Here are the latest statistics from these two schools: ADH School in Mushapo (in our own buildings): 352 students in the Primary School in the morning, 12 teachers and Principal Mr. Kamba. Chief Mbumba Thumba is opening a Secondary School in the afternoon, with three departments: Agriculture, Pedagogy and Tailoring, 10 teachers. ADH Primary School in Tshikapa (in rented premises): 454 pupils, 12 teachers and Principal Pierre. These are mostly pupils and teachers from our former Mushapo School. All the schools we have established are functioning well, providing education to over 1.000 pupils and employment to 50 teachers and 4 principals! The schools in Kasai have been operating independently since 2017, while we are still paying the teachers in the Mabala School until the end of this year. In 2023, this School will also become independent from us, which will allow us to start two new projects.

 Our project is an enormous encouragement to the people of Mushapo and the surrounding villages, because a good education means a better future for their children.

314 students, four villages, 10 classrooms, 10 teachers


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