In search of solid funding for school operations in Mabala Featured
26 Déc 2020

In search of solid funding for school operations in Mabala

In the developed countries, when the schools close, lessons continue online. This is not possible with Congolese schools in the countryside, as children have no access to electricity, the necessary equipment or the internet. Another obstacle with schools in Congo is the problem that in newly set up schools the teachers do not receive a salary from the government, especially with secondary schools in the countryside, like ours in Mabala. Instead, the students have to pay tuition. Since we want to offer free school lessons to children from poor families, we try to avoid that their parents have to pay school fees, which means, we have to find other ways to pay the teachers. ADH is paying half the salaries for the 15 teachers and school director, while our partner organization BBK is supposed to pay the other half. Unfortunately, this has been a struggle and we are trying to find a solution. One way we hope to supplement the teachers’ salaries is by encouraging them to do agriculture on our 40-hectare property around the school buildings

  Notre projet est un énorme encouragement pour les gens de Mushapo et les villages environnants, car une bonne éducation est le gage d’un meilleur avenir pour leurs enfants.

314 élèves, 4 villages, 10 salles de classe, 10 enseignants


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