Designated Donations

ADH offers you the opportunity to support specific individual sections of our projects. You decide on the use of your donation. Specified donations benefit directly the portion of the projects you want to support. We update the sections over time and adapt their urgency to the current need. The sections listed are sorted according to their urgency. We will keep you regularly informed on the progress of our projects. In case of extra revenue for a project area, the money may be used for other more pressing portions.

  • Education

  • Agriculture

  • School construction

  • Team

Education: Help toward self-help

To improve the future prospects of the children, a good education and support of the children paves the way. Please help us secure a lasting and sustainable school operation. The employment of qualified teachers is essential. Besides current labor costs for teachers and school staff, your donation is used to acquire proper teaching materials, writing materials, exercise books, text books and furnishings for the classrooms, like black boards, school benches, tables and desks.

ADH targeted donation-education
First school building inside: Bright, spacious classrooms with large blackboard for better teaching.

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Agriculture for the sustainability of the project

The integrated farm project is supposed to help support the school long-term and keep it self-supporting, standing on its own feet. We have a property of 9 hectares available for the planting of crops. The harvest will be sold locally and on regional markets. The profits are designated to serve the financing of the school. In addition, the professional agriculture and the learning of crafts is planned to be integrated into the school curriculum for the higher grades. Through these extra qualifications we increase the chances for the children in finding a job. Besides, even now the agriculture is already creating new jobs and supplies for this region where food is really scarce. If you support the agriculture, you are contributing to the permanence of the whole project.

ADH targeted donation-agriculture
Our agricultural project: The planting of Manioc goes really well. The field’s crops are supposed to finance the school operation long term.

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Creating Educational Institutions

Before the construction of more school buildings can start, one has to acquire the necessary materials. This is only possible in larger cities, which means a long and most of all difficult transport from the cities to the construction site where they have to be stored. To save on costs, the materials have to be bought all at once. Hence, to begin building a school, we have to first invest in a big way. For that we collect donations and begin with construction, as soon as we have the funds for a building available. With your donation you are supporting ADH in the constructing of school buildings. Concretely this involves expenditures such as: cost for materials, transport costs, labor costs and costs for storage.

ADH targeted donation-building
Construction of our first school building in Mushapo made of bricks.

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Help us to help

All members of ADH are engaged as volunteers, that's why we as a foundation have very low costs for administration. Still there are expenditures, which cannot be attributed directly to a project. These include provisions, medicines, visas, transport costs etc. Without a team there would be no project. Support us as a team and help us to help.

ADH targeted donation-team
Team of ADH Congo: Since its foundation in the year 2000 Wolfgang and Lenka Schmidt work fulltime for ADH, Jos Voorn since 2011.

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General donations

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 The poor infrastructure makes it difficult for us to break the vicious cycle of poverty and the many obstacles in the interior.

School building for Mushapo


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