Plateau de Bateke - Chicken breeding Featured
05 Oct 2023

Plateau de Bateke - Chicken breeding

Jean was able to build a building for a chicken raising project at the Plateau de Bateke and produce many fruit tree seedlings for sale. But then fighting broke out between the two tribes in that area. The building for the chickens has become a refuge for about six families. Thank God, Jean’s field was not directly affected by the fights, so he was able to resume work on his agriculture projects after 4 months. Nevertheless, he had to clear the land all over again. He is planting manioc and vegetables now. Due to the instability of the region, we decided to move the chicken raising project into a safer area. Jean has an unfinished building in Kisantu. We are turning this building into a chicken coop. Presently they are working on installing windows and doors.

 Only through the gradual acquisition of ownership can the local population develop a positive awareness of the project.

Our objective – sustainability


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