Since the year 2000 our annual reports provide an overview over the progress of our projects. Apart from summaries concerning the current project this section also covers completed projects. Thereby we trace the history of “Active Direct Help”. Additionally we regularly publish the recent developments to our current project in detail.

Annual Reports
Dec 2023

Annual Report 2023: Progress on New Projects

Since our school in Mabala is operating completely independent from us, we were able to slowly start two new projects, one in Nsioni and one on the Plateau de Bateke.

In spite of the extremely difficult conditions with no infrastructure and electricity, Joseph in Nsioni has done well on his project. By now, he has been able to move almost his whole workshop from Kinshasa to the farm, which was not an easy task.

He has bred many fish in his fishponds. Since most people there don’t have fridges to preserve the fish they catch, they do it by salting and drying them. He also planted many vegetables and fruits. Many of his trees bore good fruit like bananas, plantains and papayas. He is also growing coconut trees even if it will take time for them to bear fruit.

Since Joseph is a very talented handyman and inventor, he has even built a little water plant to generate some electricity

Just recently, Madlen visited Joseph’s farm and reported to us that after very heavy rains some of the embankment of the fish pond got washed away and many of the fish were swept away. Unfortunately, there was also a wide spread swine disease in the region and some of his pigs died as well.

Now we are concentrating on solidifying the agricultural project and starting a chicken coop. Joseph is also enlarging and fortifying the fishpond, so that the fish will stay contained during any future heavy rains.

Jean was able to build a building for a chicken raising project at the Plateau de Bateke and produce many fruit tree seedlings for sale. But then fighting broke out between the two tribes in that area. The building for the chickens has become a refuge for about six families.

Thank God, Jean’s field was not directly affected by the fights, so he was able to resume work on his agriculture projects after 4 months. Nevertheless, he had to clear the land all over again. He is planting manioc and vegetables now.

Due to the instability of the region, we decided to move the chicken raising project into a safer area. Jean has an unfinished building in Kisantu. We are turning this building into a chicken coop. Presently they are working on installing windows and doors.

The difficult circumstances make us all the more grateful for everything we can achieve. It is typical for the Congo – two step forwards, one step back, but the amazing thing is the resilience of its people, who will just not give up.

These setbacks made us realize that under these conditions it will take more time to build a vocational training center.

Other than that, we held our annual ADH meeting with its members to discuss further steps with the Congo projects.

Image Gallery
Jean´s fruit tree nurseryHis tree seedlingsADH yearly meeting: L-R Tereza, Jos, Lenka, Wolfgang, Melanie, Andreas and JensChristmas meeting with some of Lenka´s students and friends: L-R Lucia, Anissa, Lenka, Pavel, Lucka, Senait and MiaJosephs fish pondsA friend donated a boat for the fish pond project.Weighing of one of the pigs from Joseph´s pig breedingMadlen and her friend visiting Joseph´s farmJoseph proud of his new 30 chicksJoseph proud of his new 30 chicksStudents from the local school are interested in studying on the Farm. Learning how to build a simple hydroelectric station.Students from the local school are interested in studying on the Farm. Learning how to build a simple hydroelectric station.Some of the big fish from Joseph‘s fishpondsFor preservation, the fish are salted and driedFor preservation, the fish are salted and driedJoseph with his papayas and bananasJoseph with his papayas and bananasDried fish is transported in 50 kg packages.

Our Annual reports

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