Od roku 2000 umožňují naše výroční zprávy sledovat přehled vývoje našich projektů. Kromě shrnutí našeho aktuálního projektu tato sekce také zahrnuje již dokončené projekty. Můžete tak jít po stopách „Aktive Direkt Hilfe“ v Africe. Navíc zde každý měsíc zveřejňujeme nejnovější zprávy ohledně právě probíhajícího projektu.

Přehledy roku
lis 2007

Overcoming Obstacles - Gaining Victories!

Since we arrived back in Congo last April we had many obstacles and at the same time great victories for which we are very thankful. A good friend of ours here said: "Living in Congo is like a free university course teaching you how to overcome obstacles." Indeed it is amazing how people here manage to make ends meet under the most challenging circumstances.

Some of the bigger difficulties we faced recently were major rain falls which washed away many houses, killing quite a few people. They also broke our and our neighbors' walls and flooded our houses. We are still fixing things up and prepare for the next rainy season coming soon. Another time we woke up early to a big BANG - a car had broken through our wall and landed upside down in our front yard. Thank God the people inside were unharmed. Recently also some of our materials outside the house got stolen and we are taking steps to protect ourselves better against theft.

On the other hand we had some great victories. After we moved into our new house one of our close friends proclaimed: "Now you have a seat in Congo!" Our dear landlord continues to help us get set up and we are very thankful for our many local friends who donated different items so we could get the house in order and have the basics to operate with. Some close friends of William in Italy donated a desperately needed car for which we are especially thankful since it's so difficult to operate here without a car. Colleagues of one of our special friends in Europe helped us to ship it here and a dear friend from here is helping us to get it through customs etc. And we thank everybody who so faithfully continues to support the orphans and field project. We sure couldn't do the job without you. All of you are an important part of this work and will share in the blessings and rewards.

Dear Pastor Theophile continues to be a big blessing when we visit the children. He helps us with organizing, coordinating and distributing the food to the children and further the work on the field. His wife Florence keeps overseeing and cooking for the children in Kisenso with her faithful helper Jeannette. For the children in Kikimi/Mokali we still prepare and deliver weekly food packages until we have the facilities to cook there.

In order to be a bigger help to these kids in Mokali we are looking for sponsors to help us build some rooms on the upper flat part of our field there. We need a room for a small family - the husband would guard and work on the field so we can invest more into it including fish for the fishponds, and the wife would cook for the children. Two bigger rooms are needed to feed the children and give them some basic schooling once we are set up for that. There will also be a small lockable storage room for the food of the children as well as the tools for the field. Since there is no electricity the cook works outside under a roof where the children can also wash their hands. An out-house toilet will be separate as there is also no running water.

So far we found one potential sponsor. At the German reunification day we had a chance to meet the new German Ambassador and were able to shortly explain our work to him. When we shared that our operation is so small compared to what other big international aid-organizations have to work with, he encouraged us by saying that sometimes small projects can do more good than big ones. He didn't just encourage us with words but made a special tour to see our field and the orphans in Mokali and wants to see what he can do to help us realize the above building plans.

The overall situation with the children continues to be quite a challenge for several reasons. Prices keep climbing, especially for food; the “road” conditions to the outskirts are very bad, especially during the rainy season. Another big challenge which we didn't foresee is that some of the orphans are getting called by their relatives to move to other far away locations. This makes it impossible for us to keep caring for them. When this happens we take in new orphans and hope you don't mind to support another needy child in case yours had to move. We are very sorry for this complication but have no choice in the matter.

Some of you asked us how it is going with the minimum support for the children. The 10 Euros per child per month barely cover their food expenses and we are thankful for our local friends who help to supplement those basic needs. It would be great if we could receive more funds so we can give them also some basic schooling, more clothing, medical care etc. But we don't want to overcharge anyone. Some of you give already more, but others cannot. We are thankful for whatever you can do to help us care for these precious underprivileged children. Thank you again for all your help! Each one of you plays an important part in this big puzzle - let's make it a beautiful picture!


nannao singing.jpgk1600_ladies pealing kasawa.jpgTheophile & Wolfgang unload food in Mokali where we prepare weekly food packages ...nanThe Bible students enjoy their studies every Sunday afternoon in our public meeting place - Naomi plays the guitar.The German Ambassador helps with the food distribution in Kikimi/Mokali.Granny boils these cricket larva....& lively songs with Naomi and Madlen.flannelgr story.jpgThe children in Mokali are very thankful... Captivated audience at our special Christmas flannelgraph presentation... ...donated from a friend in Dubai.... until we can cook there too.German Ambassador and security officer visit our field-project in Mokali. He said that he enjoyed the food distribution.bible study dscn3949.jpg...for their weekly food packages and new T-shirts... w jeep.jpgFlorence and Jeanette cook ...nanTeam and kids are so thankful for our new car which was donated.The orphans are so thankful for their food & T-shirts.... and the children in Kisenso enjoy a hot meal daily.k1600_cutting trees.jpg

Přehledy roku

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